Crazy About Chalkboard | Fun Wedding Details

Chalkboards are no longer relegated to just the classroom.  From kitchens across the globe to glassware and entire walls at bars and restaurants, the chalkboard craze has only just begun.  We're seeing fun signs for weddings for weddings all over the place used in place of traditional programs, we're seeing them used as bar signs for cocktails and menus, we're even seeing them on glasses for folks to write their names (adios, Sharpies on red Solo cups!) so their drinks don't disappear.  I found the cutest little chalky glasses at Pier 1 just the other day!

But, here at Scarlet, we thrive on the unexpected.  We're sure you already knew that, right?  So we've culled the internet for chalkboard surprises to help you color outside the chalk lines.

What could be more fun than getting hitched in front of a giant chalkboard?

This couple decided to use the music from their first dance as their back drop!  I think I'd totally cry if one of my couples did that!

What about a chalkboard aisle?  Think of the endless possibilities with that one!  Flowers, music, prayers, quotes, even a timeline of your love story...there's no limit to the creative ways to pull that one off!  This couple did the amazing 1 Corinthians 13:4-8 for their ceremony.  

You could do your table numbers on chalkboards.

Or even use chalkboard on your cake.  Edible fondant, of course!

Just a dash of creativity and imagination and you too can add a little WOW factor to your wedding!