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So a few months back I was struck with a brilliant idea.  I wanted to take brides and grooms on tours of venues in Charleston.  I wanted to have each venue set up with a completely unique design by one of Scarlet's planners.  I pitched it to my team and they loved it!  And lucky for us, Amy, our marketing director and event designer, had years of experience putting events such as ours together.  Coupled with her wealth of knowledge and talent for design, we were well on our way!  And piece by piece we began to put it together.  

One night I was out working on a design for a photo shoot with several other creative types and my idea somehow tumbled out and every single one of them wanted to get on board with it!  I was elated!  I couldn't believe how easy it was to talk about this crazy wedding tour Scarlet wanted to put on.  Even crazier was how receptive everyone was to it.  So I sat down with my good friend Erin with A Lowcountry Wedding magazine and the Scarlet Wedding Tour became a thing!  Partnered with ALW, EventHaus and The Charleston Harbor Resort, our event will be unlike anything currently being done in the wedding industry.

I told you that story to tell you about the brilliant, amazing idea that we've brought to life.  It's called The Scarlet Wedding Tour and its happening January 31, 2015.  

The day will begin at the Charleston Harbor Resort with some light breakfast bites and a tour of their incredible spaces.  Afterwards the couples will be split into groups and assigned to one of four very unique vehicles sponsored by Lowcountry Valet.  After that we will begin our tours of Boone Hall Plantation, The Historic Rice Mill, and Upstairs at Midtown.  There will be small bites and mini-tastings at each venue offered by some of Charleston's top catering companies.  In addition to the small bites, each venue will feature an amazing, unique design by a Scarlet Planner, complete with full tablescapes, paper and invitation suites, wedding gowns, cakes and so much more!

Immediately following the tour guests are invited to the private Scarlet Afterparty at Charleston Harbor Resort where they'll have a chance to meet all the vendors behind the magic on the tour.  Music, dancing, cake and food tastings, Firefly Vodka cocktails, and prizes galore!

Out of town guests of the tour will enjoy special discounted room rates at the Charleston Harbor Resort with complimentary breakfast daily.  

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for more information on how you can become a sponsor, please contact Sara Skinner