Love Letters


Our moms think we're kind of a big deal, but just in case you'd like to hear it from our actual clients and some pretty rad industry professionals, here are some sweet love letters and rave reviews!

These wonderful people essentially helped us plan two wedding days, thanks to Hurricane Matthew!* (see planner’s notes at bottom) From the very beginning of the planning process we were met with incredible and awesome energy and enthusiasm for helping us have a special and memorable wedding day. Every meeting was fun and exciting, the vendors they found for us were great and so accommodating. Sara & Ruth helped us pull off one wedding ceremony and two receptions in two different cities, now how many people can say that?! We loved working with the team and enjoyed meeting all of the excited new team members throughout the year. Sara has a great crew working with her, and she’s got the hookup with some amazing vendors. I can’t say enough about how wonderful everyone is! They work hard and they deliver!
— Bronwyn T.
Sara and her team made my day everything I could’ve wished for and more. They were an absolutely irreplaceable part of my wedding planning experience. I recommend them to every bride I come across.
— Noel M.
LizaJust a few quick words about Liza. For one, she’s amazing. Two, she’s a rockstar. Three, I love her! Haha. But seriously, she has been an absolute godsend and she has BY FAR been THE BEST money I’ve spent on the entire wedding!
— Jill K.
Amazing! Liza helped make my wedding day so special, and alleviated so much stress on the big day. It was such a relief knowing that there was someone there who knew how and where everything should occur so that my husband and I could focus on getting married and enjoying that one special day. From event flow and placement to decorating and choosing food, she helped me with it all. She was very respectful of my ideas and also a great resource for ideas and advice. I would 100% recommend her services.
— Tiffany C.
My wedding day was the happiest day of my life. It was perfect! Of course because I married my best friend and dream man, but mostly because of Sara. This is coming from the girl who at first didn’t think she’d need a planner...but let me just go ahead and let you in on a little secret: you need a planner. I was on a budget and didn’t think I could afford one, but on that and a lot of other wedding preconceptions, I was wrong.

I called around and was feeling a little uneasy, until I heard Sara’s voice. I can remember the phone conversation like it was yesterday. My nervous, frantic bride brain was immediately quieted and calm. I could feel Sara’s genuine energy through the phone and I knew she was the one. She had an uncanny ability to understand my style, my budget and my vision before I even did.

She was always there for me. Whether it was a text, a late night phone call to calm me down, accompanying me to pick out my cake and linens and caterer. She always suggested amazing vendors and ideas that would fit within my budget and style.

Sara and her team went above and beyond. They cared. Not just about the wedding but about me and David. Sara is so special and she and I became great friends! The wedding planning process is an amazing time and she had such a huge part in helping me enjoy every moment along the way. I could gush endlessly but I haven’t even gotten to the wedding day!

So it rained. Hard. Good luck!? Ha! I was slightly (ahem extremely) upset. My ceremony was supposed to be in a beautiful, lush and colorful garden but had to be moved inside. This was surely the end of the world....

As I was getting ready Sara and her team assured me not to worry. They calmed me down (not the first time) and let me know that they had it covered. After getting to know Sara, I knew I could just sit back, enjoy the morning activities and not even think about the setup details and wet mess going on at the venue. I obviously was still a little bummed...that is until I walked into the reception hall that had been transformed for our ceremony. I cried. It was breathtakingly beautiful. Their vision and creativity transformed a plain room into a wedding ceremony so perfect for me I even liked it better than what I had hoped for having it outside. She handled all the crazy logistics and super unfun portions of putting on a wedding so that my groom and I, my family and all of our guests could fully enjoy the day.

Sara saw into my soul and created the wedding of my dreams. She handled every last detail with grace and ease to make sure it was all perfect from our perspective! She is genuine, crazy fun, and has a beautiful talent for making dreams come true. Her network is huge, her wedding knowledge endless, and her edgy creativity makes every event she touches unique and spectacular!!
— Emerald W.
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Sara of Scarlet Plan and Design is a visionary with big dreams and the gumption to make them happen. She is my go-to planner for creating something no one has ever seen before and knocking new ideas out of the park.

If you are a bride who wants your wedding to be non-traditional, out-of-the-box, and one-of-a-kind, do not hesitate to hire Sara to make your day perfection, because you have just given her the gift of being able to do what she loves.

I love how Sara and her team at Scarlet take on a new challenge and laugh in its face, take names, and make something fabulous out of it.
— Mackenzie Clark, The Click Chick Photography
As a business owner in the wedding industry I can say that it’s great working with Scarlet Plan & Design! They’re very easy to communicate with, they give great attention to detail and they put together amazing weddings. Highly recommend them for your all wedding planning needs!
— Kait Mizell, Cakes by Kait
The task was large : 4 weeks to get all the missing pieces (the details that make this day yours) together in an organized, cohesive manner. From the floor plan to the baskets placed in the rest rooms, every detail was PERFECT! Sara was magical! She gathered all the ragtag pieces of my “planning” and molded them into a real wedding adding touches that I would only dream of.

The Big Day was seamless! Sara checked in on me, the venue, the boys, the girls and probably all of New Jersey to make sure we were happy, comfortable and, of course, on time. It’s a wonderful thing when you can sit back and enjoy yourself, trusting everything will be done to perfection. That’s the peace of mind I was given on my wedding day.

Family and friends are still complimenting our wedding months later. And I owe it to Scarlet! The only thing I regret is not hiring them the second we got engaged and avoiding months of stress.
— Jade B.
I can’t thank Sara & her team enough for all their hard work at my daughter’s wedding! We all loved working with them and recommend Scarlet Plan & Design to everyone I know!
— Sandy C., Mother of the Bride
Scarlet Plan & Design is such a fun, innovative and hard working event planning company! Highly recommended for any event from weddings and elopements to private and specialty events. This team will stop at nothing to make sure every last detail is perfect and the day goes off without a hitch!
— Theresa Wolf, The French Eclectic
Best wedding planner in the area!! They make your visions into a reality in the most beautiful way and they really care about their clients. Highly recommend!!
— Claire C.
I am proud to say I am one of Scarlet Plan & Design’s first brides. And to this day, I am so thankful I found Sara and her team when I did. I came to Sara with my head spinning. You have no idea how many details are involved with a wedding until you’re in the midst of it.

I knew what I wanted and envisioned for our wedding, but lacked the time to execute every detail. Sara sat down with me and took all my ideas to the ‘next level.’ I was, and still am, in awe of her! She is one of the most creative people I’ve ever met. And more importantly, she balances creativity with the reality of budget and time. She helped me accomplish both and her design ideas were truly off the chart!

Sara handled everything from the inception of the invitations, to the wedding favors, to greeting vendors and guests, to helping me get in my gown (on time), to even finishing my brides bouquets and all floral arrangements! I would recommend Sara to any bride-to-be. She is extremely talented, knowledgeable, passionate, fun and hard working. Trust me, if you have a seam open, Sara has a needle and thread waiting. If your lipstick is fading, she’ll have your shade of lipstick in her hand! No details go unnoticed with Sara! You can trust her, and the team and Scarlet Plan & Design, with your big day!
— Cindy J.
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I cannot say enough about Sara Skinner and her design team at Scarlet Plan & Design. First of all, their personalities were built for weddings. They are positive, upbeat and efficient. I was blown away by both the ceremony and reception set up they had created. The brides vision along with Scarlet Plan & Design’s execution was par for the course. I hope every one of my brides hires them. Then I know it will be an amazing wedding.

PS if I were to hash tag them it would be #uhmazing #totesadorbs #allstars
— Stephanie Smith, Stephanie A. Smith Photography

*Note from Scarlet Plan & Design: Hurricane Matthew forced the whole city of Charleston, SC to evacuate the weekend of Bronwyn & Michael's planned wedding date. After deciding to postpone the reception in Charleston until a later date, M&B evacuated to their hometown of Clemson, wanting to somehow find a way to still get hitched that weekend. Since Ruth Hawley was in Clemson as well, she put her MacGuyver Wedding Ninja skills to work, somehow planning a beautiful wedding and reception for 100 guests in only four days! Then in December, they finally got to have the amazing wedding reception in Charleston with no hurricanes interrupting!