Man's Best Friend and Your Wedding Day | Including the Dog in the Wedding Party

One of my biggest regrets from my wedding day was not having a single photo taken of me with my beloved dog, Lily.  She's a rescue dog and was badly abused before we got her so she's always been rather skittish and scared when there's a lot of strangers around or lots of commotion and on the wedding day we must've had 30 people in and out of the house and all the hubbub scared my sweet girl into hiding under the bed the entire time.  But, oh, how I wish I had just one photo with my pup!

Perhaps you've still got time to have your best friend in your wedding party or just join in the festivities!  Check out some of the photos below to inspire yourself!

If it's simply not possible to have your dog with you at the wedding, why not walk down the aisle with their tags on your bouquet?