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I met sweet Melanie Jankun of Jankun Creative while working on The Not Wedding this past summer.  She took my rough, wild, kooky ideas and happily transformed them into a paper suite that made us all swoon!  Since then, we've worked on several projects together and I am seriously overjoyed to have her designing the paper suites on The Scarlet Wedding Tour for both Upstairs at Midtown and The Historic Rice Mill designs.  As you know, guests of The Scarlet Wedding Tour will be shuttled from venue to venue aboard amazing vehicles and shown full wedding designs at each venue.  They'll see tablescapes, couture linens, floral artistry, wedding gowns and menswear, cakes, full paper suites and so much more!  We've left no aspect of the wedding day uncovered!  Read more about the Tour on the blog here!

In any case, I'd love for everyone to get to know Melanie and Jankun Creative a little bit better with this week's Friendor Friday post!

  • how long have you been in the event business?  and/or business for yourself? I have been a professional graphic designer for over 12 years. Designing stationery for family and friends has always been a refreshing break from the agency world. After the birth of our second child my husband and I were inspired to finally put action behind our words  and launch our own company. We opened our Etsy shop in April of 2013 and have been so blessed with the support of family, friends, and even strangers all the way from Australia.
  • what inspires you? I am inspired by my friends, family and the amazing vendors I have met along the way. They keep me on my toes and are a constant encouragement that feeds my creative spirit.
  • what will guests of the scarlet wedding tour be seeing from you? I will designing custom wedding stationery.
  • what are some of your favorite venues to work at? I am in love with Boone Hall. the beautiful oak tree lined drive just takes me away to another time and place. I also love, love, love a beachside wedding especially on a deserted island right at sunset. Charleston has some of the most stunning scenery.
  • what do you love most about this industry? I love making new friendors and getting to work with people in love. 
  • what do you hope guests of the scarlet wedding tour will take away from this experience? I hope brides can see how an entire wedding can be customize right down to the invitation suite. Setting the tone for a truly perfect and memorable theme for their big day... and of course, that they love the awesome vendors who will be showcased.
  • name one thing/place someone coming to charleston from out of town must see or do. I grew up in South Carolina and vacationed in Charleston many times but one thing I never realized, until just recently, is how beautiful it is to see by boat. From the Battery to Bone beach, honestly there are so many hidden treasures that you seriously need to spend more than a week to see and do it all.