5 Gifts That Will Go Unused or Unnoticed by Groomsmen | Scarlet Plan & Design

Think you've got the perfect gift for your Groomsmen? Think again.

Below are some of the most typical, but useless, gifts that are given to groomsmen for being such a large part of your special day.  There isn't a doubt that this day is about you or your spouse but spend your money wisely on gifts that will reflect on powerful friendships, not materialistic fads.


1. Monogrammed Anything.

It might come as a shock but groomsmen are different from bridesmaids.  Monogrammed gifts will go unnoticed and will cost you extra to keep all those different initials in the right places and in the correct order.  Men will appreciate the gesture, since it cost extra, but in terms of wanting or specialness, most will be indifferent towards the initials.  Save your money and keep the gifts initial free. 

2. Koozies

It should go without saying that a "custom" koozie is not a gift, it is a momento of a day.  One will find them on the floor and leftover in the dozens by the time the big day is over so giving these to the groomsmen will seem like getting rid of extras.  Don't make the mistake of assuming that a colder beer will seem like a good gift for someone who has been with you for so long.

3. Bottle Openers

Similar to Koozies, these knick-knacks are more like party favors than gifts to be given to those closest to you and your spouse.  These novelties will end up never being used, in a drawer, or at the bottom of a trash bag due to neglect.  The only bottle openers that should be at a wedding should be behind the open bar in the hands of the professionals.

4. Knives

Unless the groomsmen in question have a specific knife that they'd like, better let them pick their own out.  Men are particular about their tools and like everything else in life, some things are better than others.  If a man receives a knife that they don't particularly like or one that is not as good as their current pocket knife then it will likely sit in a drawer or end up lost in a move as the gifted knife will remain unused.  Also one should reconsider giving sharp knives to an entire group of men who are about to undergo copious amounts of alcohol consumption.

5. Golf Balls

That's right, golf balls have been given as gifts.  Not only are these gifts designed to be sent as far from the person receiving the gift as possible, but they are ultimately going to be lost or destroyed.  On the off chance that the gift is not used, it will remain on a desk until it doesn't and then will remain in a drawer until the drawer is cleaned out and will ultimately be sent away like the golf balls that are actually in play.  Do yourself a favor and spend the money on a bucket of balls for your boys to smack around at a driving range.


Stay tuned for a blog on what you should give to your groomsmen as a gift.