5 Amazing Gifts That Will Leave Groomsmen Speechless | Scarlet Plan & Design

Every Groom is accompanied on their big day by those who have made their journey with their significant other possible. 

This is the time to show those who have sacrificed much to be there for you that you truly care about them.  Some gifts are definitely better than others at saying "Thanks for Being There" and this is the guide to help you pick out the gifts that will make the manliest bro blush.

1. Tuxedo Rental Cost

Now traditionally, the groomsmen front the bill for their own tuxedo rental.  Many men who are well-off financially have gone ahead and purchased their tuxedo for multiple uses but groomsmen often require specific colors.  Now this is one heck of an expense that many couples would never expect to cover but there's always room to do the extraordinary on your big day.  Telling your groomsmen that their "gift" would be their tuxedo rentals should not upset anyone, in fact it will do the opposite.  To know that the lucky couple wants you there so badly that they are going to cover tuxedo rental costs is enough to let any groomsmen know how much they mean to the couple.  However, with the rental being covered by the couple, you better treat that tuxedo like your war veteran grandfather left it to you for safe keeping, that means no spills, champagne showers, or splits on the dance floor.

2. Room & Board

Similar to the suggestion above, providing the groomsmen with a place to lay their drunken heads will do more good than one could know.  Now I am not saying to go into debt over this, but if certain accomodations are needed for particular groomsmen then certain circumstances can be made to replace a groomsmen gift with lodging so they could be there for the special day.  This is usually for extreme cases but the generosity displayed would be enough to make the biggest hunk cry from appreciation.  What could be a better gift than telling your closest friends that you are willing to go to these lengths just so they could share your special day with you.

3. Watches

Despite gender stereotypes, Men love accesories.  Whether they're matching tie and lapel pins or stylish cufflings, men appreciate stlye and class.  That's why watches are suprisingly amazing gifts for groomsmen.  Watches are pratical, stylish, and can be put aside for another day.  Some men collect watches and frequently vary among their collections so one will not have to worry about the watch collecting dust or being tossed aside.  Stylish and modern watches will add flair and class to the wedding party, let alone the fact that the gift means the wedding party has to be on time!

4. Whisky Glasses and Accesories

It might seem cliche but this long standing tradition of celebrating friendship with whisky goes back generations.  Glass and decanters can be customized to reflect the occasion for which they were purchased as well as serve as a pleasant reminder of a wonderous day.  Having the groomsmen open up packages with their glasses will better remind them of the value they bring to your life and will also provide an excellent excuse to calm those pre-wedding jitters grooms suffer from.  

5. An Open Bar

It might go without saying but alcohol is a key component to many wedding receptions.  The cost of an open bar seems high but if it comes down to it then simply play the adult and tell the groomsmen that it's either gifts or an open bar.  The gift itself will be the simple pleasures of continually falling back in line and getting to know the bartenders really well, really really well.  It might seem outlandish but the groomsmen will appreciate the generousity, honestly, and hopefully the praciticality of replacing mundane knick-knacks with an amazing evening.