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Marriage Proposal planning


So you’re popping the question? Congratulations! Need help planning the perfect proposal?

This is such a big move and if you’ve made it here, our guess is you want your engagement to be creative and unique. You want to do something impressive, something memorable and surprising – something as extraordinary as your love story.

You’ve come to the right place. Scarlet Planners have been dubbed the Proposal Investigators™ because we are amazing at designing a marriage proposal that has been personalized and perfectly tailored to sweep your partner off their feet. You won't get some generic, one-size-fits-all, cookie cutter proposal plan; all of our ideas are based entirely on your partner, your love story and your budget. From elaborate over-the-top proposals like renting out an entire aquarium for the girl studying to become a marine biologist, to private serenades with Grammy winning artists, or flying in world class a capella groups, and surprise Flash Mobs in the middle of a busy train station, to more intimate ideas like chartering a private yacht in the Caribbean, or a small villa in Tuscany, our planners make dreams come true and create proposal stories she'll be delighted to tell over and over again!

We offer three tiers of services to help you pull off the perfect marriage proposal all at varying levels of involvement. Whether you just need an idea, or you want us to develop and execute a proposal idea you already have from start to finish, we can create a custom package just for you. Ultimately this keeps you in charge of what this entire experience will be like, and how it will go down. Read on to find the package that works best for you.


charleston, sc marriage proposal planners

Did you know...

75% of women are disappointed with their proposal story

Less than 10% of women say they’d like to be proposed to at a sporting event

More than 75% of women say that being surprised is the most important thing

The first thing everyone asks is “How did he propose?”

The Concept


This is our baseline, most budget friendly package – pretty straightforward. You come to us with whatever ideas you have floating around for the big question, and we’ll begin with an in-depth interview and questionnaire to help us get to know your partner, her personality, likes, dislikes and all the "little things" that have made your love story so unique. We part ways, work our magic and come back to you in about a week or so with three proposal ideas tailored to your relationship and budget. Each of these concepts will provide you with a unique outline designed just for the two of you. We will tweak and refine the details until its perfect. Once you’ve picked your favorite, we deliver the blueprint with all the details.

charleston marriage proposal planner | atlanta marriage proposal planner

The Construct


This is our mid-line package. We’ll do all the same as listed in The Concept, but we’ll take it one step further. After you choose your favorite of the three unique proposal blueprints we provide, we’ll then work as your own personal concierge to arrange all the details of your marriage proposal. The ideal location, suggesting the perfect vendors, booking reservations and whatever else your heart desires. All prior coordination is taken care of and everyone knows the plan. You’ll also get a detailed timeline to take with you to handle the proposal on your own.

The Complete


This is the whole kit and caboodle. Full service proposal planning covers all of the above and your proposal planner is (discreetly) with you every step of the way, with our experienced team behind-the-scenes quietly overseeing every last detail ensuring a flawless proposal. We’re there from the very start, from helping you design a one-of-a-kind engagement ring, acting as your liaison managing all vendor negotiations, contracts and payments, to flying in her favorite flowers from across the globe and making sure the champagne is held at the perfect temp, this package covers everything and includes unlimited calls, emails, texts and in-person meetings. This option lets you sit back and relax knowing that your proposal planning is under control - all you need to worry about is what comes after "Will You Marry Me?"

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