we are so excited that you are considering event planning as your career!

Planning weddings and events is a calling that some of us feel deep in our bones. The joy we feel in creating extraordinary unique event experiences for each of our couples is evident in everything that we do. We are dreamers, we are the midnight oil burners, we are the first ones to arrive and the last ones to leave. We are dedicated to the details and to making every event flawless.

charleston, atlanta, greenville wedding planning internship program

During your internship in our Wedding Planning Intern Program, you will have the opportunity to receive hands on experience, under a Senior Planner and Designer at a minimum of two real weddings and assist them in the planning process.

While you have the opportunity to sign up for wedding dates and attend planning meetings at your convenience, we typically have a few mandatory dates for the entire intern team each season. These dates will be given at the beginning of each semester during interviews. When you commit for a date, we ask that you set aside the entire wedding weekend to have open availability, as times and locations vary.

If you feel like working in a fast paced, learn-as-you-go environment with a fun, quirky, diverse team, please fill out the application and send your cover letter and resume to the planner below. We will be in touch for interviews for our 2019 Wedding Planning Intern Program.

Thanks for your interest!

before you apply for an internship:

So, you want to join our tribe? It's super easy, but we do need to ask ya some basic questions and make sure you align with our core values. 

  1. Our team is quirky, funky, offbeat, unique, extraordinary, fun, and sometimes a little weird.

  2. Our planners do not discriminate; all races, faiths, walks of life are accepted equally.

  3. Our tribe is LGBTQ friendly and believes in equal marriage rights.

  4. Internships are unpaid, but we do provide accommodations and meals for destination weddings.

  5. You are available for 10-15+ hours per week for work days


Please send cover letter

and resume to:

Megan O’Donnell


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**openings currently available in Charleston, SC only
*we require a minimum of 10-15 hours per week
*internships are unpaid, but we do provide accommodations and meals for destination weddings
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