5 Amazing Gifts That Will Leave Groomsmen Speechless | Scarlet Plan & Design

Every Groom is accompanied on their big day by those who have made their jouney with their significant other possible.  This is the time to show those who have sacrificed much to be there for you that you truly care about them.  Some gifts are definitely better than others at saying "Thanks for Being There" and this is the guide to help you pick out the gifts that will make the manliest bro blush.

1. Tuxedo Rental Cost

Now traditionally, the groomsmen front the bill for their own tuxedo rental.  Many men who are well-off financially have gone ahead and purchased their tuxedo for multiple uses but groomsmen often require specific colors.  Now this is one heck of an expense that many couples would never expect to cover but there's always room to do the extraordinary on your big day.  Telling your groomsmen that their "gift" would be their tuxedo rentals should not upset anyone, in fact it will do the opposite.  To know that the lucky couple wants you there so badly that they are going to cover tuxedo rental costs is enough to let any groomsmen know how much they mean to the couple.  However, with the rental being covered by the couple, you better treat that tuxedo like your war veteran grandfather left it to you for safe keeping, that means no spills, champagne showers, or splits on the dance floor.

2. Room & Board

Similar to the suggestion above, providing the groomsmen with a place to lay their drunken heads will do more good than one could know.  Now I am not saying to go into debt over this, but if certain accomodations are needed for particular groomsmen then certain circumstances can be made to replace a groomsmen gift with lodging so they could be there for the special day.  This is usually for extreme cases but the generosity displayed would be enough to make the biggest hunk cry from appreciation.  What could be a better gift than telling your closest friends that you are willing to go to these lengths just so they could share your special day with you.

3. Watches

Despite gender stereotypes, Men love accesories.  Whether they're matching tie and lapel pins or stylish cufflings, men appreciate stlye and class.  That's why watches are suprisingly amazing gifts for groomsmen.  Watches are pratical, stylish, and can be put aside for another day.  Some men collect watches and frequently vary among their collections so one will not have to worry about the watch collecting dust or being tossed aside.  Stylish and modern watches will add flair and class to the wedding party, let alone the fact that the gift means the wedding party has to be on time!

4. Whisky Glasses and Accesories

It might seem cliche but this long standing tradition of celebrating friendship with whisky goes back generations.  Glass and decanters can be customized to reflect the occasion for which they were purchased as well as serve as a pleasant reminder of a wonderous day.  Having the groomsmen open up packages with their glasses will better remind them of the value they bring to your life and will also provide an excellent excuse to calm those pre-wedding jitters grooms suffer from.  

5. An Open Bar

It might go without saying but alcohol is a key component to many wedding receptions.  The cost of an open bar seems high but if it comes down to it then simply play the adult and tell the groomsmen that it's either gifts or an open bar.  The gift itself will be the simple pleasures of continually falling back in line and getting to know the bartenders really well, really really well.  It might seem outlandish but the groomsmen will appreciate the generousity, honestly, and hopefully the praciticality of replacing mundane knick-knacks with an amazing evening.  

5 Gifts That Will Go Unused or Unnoticed by Groomsmen | Scarlet Plan & Design

Think you've got the perfect gift for your Groomsmen? Think again.

Below are some of the most typical, but useless, gifts that are given to groomsmen for being such a large part of your special day.  There isn't a doubt that this day is about you or your spouse but spend your money wisely on gifts that will reflect on powerful friendships, not materialistic fads.


1. Monogrammed Anything.

It might come as a shock but groomsmen are different from bridesmaids.  Monogrammed gifts will go unnoticed and will cost you extra to keep all those different initials in the right places and in the correct order.  Men will appreciate the gesture, since it cost extra, but in terms of wanting or specialness, most will be indifferent towards the initials.  Save your money and keep the gifts initial free. 

2. Koozies

It should go without saying that a "custom" koozie is not a gift, it is a momento of a day.  One will find them on the floor and leftover in the dozens by the time the big day is over so giving these to the groomsmen will seem like getting rid of extras.  Don't make the mistake of assuming that a colder beer will seem like a good gift for someone who has been with you for so long.

3. Bottle Openers

Similar to Koozies, these knick-knacks are more like party favors than gifts to be given to those closest to you and your spouse.  These novelties will end up never being used, in a drawer, or at the bottom of a trash bag due to neglect.  The only bottle openers that should be at a wedding should be behind the open bar in the hands of the professionals.

4. Knives

Unless the groomsmen in question have a specific knife that they'd like, better let them pick their own out.  Men are particular about their tools and like everything else in life, some things are better than others.  If a man receives a knife that they don't particularly like or one that is not as good as their current pocket knife then it will likely sit in a drawer or end up lost in a move as the gifted knife will remain unused.  Also one should reconsider giving sharp knives to an entire group of men who are about to undergo copious amounts of alcohol consumption.

5. Golf Balls

That's right, golf balls have been given as gifts.  Not only are these gifts designed to be sent as far from the person receiving the gift as possible, but they are ultimately going to be lost or destroyed.  On the off chance that the gift is not used, it will remain on a desk until it doesn't and then will remain in a drawer until the drawer is cleaned out and will ultimately be sent away like the golf balls that are actually in play.  Do yourself a favor and spend the money on a bucket of balls for your boys to smack around at a driving range.


Stay tuned for a blog on what you should give to your groomsmen as a gift.

Wedding Day Details Checklist | Charleston, Philadelphia, Atlanta Wedding Planners & Event Design | Scarlet Plan & Design

It's all about the details. Wedding details, that is! We're talking about all those pretty little accessories and special flourishes that you've likely spent weeks, if not months, selecting. So of course you want to make sure those get documented!

The morning of the wedding is usually pretty bananas and the last thing on a bride's mind is gathering all the pretty little details for the photographer to shoot as she's getting ready. That's why we suggest gathering all of those details in one spot a few days before the wedding and either giving them right to your planner/mom/maid of honor or stashing everything in the hotel safe (if that's where you're getting ready). No matter the case, gather everything BEFORE the morning of the wedding.

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You’ve come to the right place.

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Which Vendors to Tip at Your Wedding | Ask a Wedding Planner | Charleston, Atlanta, Philly Nontraditional Wedding Planner

Which vendors should I tip at my wedding?

Today we're talking about the yucky stuff...money.  Usually our blogs are about the funsies and picking out the pretty stuff or yummy cakes, but today is all about the moolah. Most of our clients are usually pretty in the dark about who to tip at the wedding and thus end up asking us.  So we figured it was about time to get a blog up on that subject! Keep in mind tips are always optional but several vendors will expect them. Make sure you give the envelopes to the planner or the best man before the event to be given out at the end of the night and/or service performed.

Firstly let's talk about tipping your planner, and no, this is NOT a plug for us to get more money out of you! 

Sure, a tip is AMAZING and always very appreciated, but something a bit more personal for the gal (or gent) you've spent tons of time planning this special day with is probably in order. I'd suggest getting her a generous gift card for a restaurant you know she loves or a gift card for a pair of Tieks (anyone who spends hours on their feet should totally own a pair...or four!) or a gift basket filled with her favorite wines and cheeses would be divine!  Whatever you do get her, make sure it's personal and well thought out and you'll certainly make her feel loved! Side note, I would suggest tipping her staff individually. $50-100 per person is perfect.

Should I tip the wedding photographer?

Photographers don't expect to be tipped if they own the company, but if they only work for the company we suggest tipping them anywhere from $50-200 per person. Same rule applies to their second shooters, we suggest tipping them as well. As for a nice thank you for the photographer, try to send them something well thought out and personal. 

Should I tip the wedding hair and makeup artist?

Hair and makeup artists are definitely expecting to be tipped.  We usually suggest 15-25% of the total at the end of the appointment.

who to tip at your wedding | scarlet plan & design charleston wedding planners

Should I tip the officant?

Officiants usually expect to be tipped as well but it's a bit of a gray area as to how much.  Some people feel that if they're charging you to officiate then that's good enough, but we usually suggest tipping them 10-15% of the total, and if you're only asked to make a donation it should be at least $200.

atlanta nontraditional wedding planner, scarlet plan & design

Which other vendors should we tip?

Ceremony musicians

If you've used a larger choir for the service and they haven't charged you a large fee, we'd recommend making a donation to their church for a small amount (around $100 is good) and giving them some cupcakes or cookies when the ceremony ends.

Definitely plan to tip anyone playing an instrument for the ceremony. Whether they're playing as a group or a soloist, we suggest between $50-100 per person.


Check directly with the caterer when it comes to tipping the catering staff. They typically have their gratuity and/or service fees built into the contract so ask them if that goes to the staff. If the gratuity isn't given right to the staff, we recommend tipping each of them. We suggest 2-5% of the total bill, and have your wedding planner give it to the banquet captain or catering manager at the end of the night.

Bartenders should be tipped if they didn't have a tip jar out for the guests to tip them. We suggest $150-200 each.


Another person that will expect a tip is the transportation driver. We suggest 15-20% of the total.

Reception musicians and/or DJ

The band or DJ are technically optional tips, but usually recommended. If they've done an especially good job and really kept the party on its feet, we suggest $50-100 per musician and at least $200 for a great DJ.

Rental staff

We always suggest tipping the rental delivery/set up staff. Usually about $20-30+ per person is perfect for them. They don't expect it, but if they're delivering a ton of stuff, moving things multiple times or coming back for a super late pick-up it's a very nice touch.

Miscellaneous vendors

We suggest generously tipping anyone who falls into one of the more specialized categories below:

  • Cake or specialty dessert vendor
  • Photo booth operators
  • Live wedding painters
  • Henna artists
  • Performers

We hope this helped clear up the great tipping questions we're sure you all have!

Charleston Speed Boat Adventures | Charleston Bachelor & Bachelorette Party Ideas

Looking for more than bar hopping and boozing at your Charleston bachelor party? Charleston Speed Boat Adventures is guaranteed to get your blood pumping with an exhilarating speedboat ride through the incredible Charleston Harbor and beyond! 

First of all, BIG HUGE thank you to Graham for having the Scarlet team out to enjoy a speedboat ride firsthand! We had an absolute BLAST on these incredible speed boats!!

I thought we were going for a ride on speedboats, which sounded totally killer, but when we showed up we found out we were the captains of our own boats!! OMG! Y'all, I've never driven a boat before in my life and now they're handing us the keys to SPEED BOATS?! Yessssssss, please! I know I had a legit deer in the headlights look on my face, so when my handsome hubby offered to drive first I was more than happy to hand over the keys.

Eventually I built up a little courage and hopped behind the wheel. HOLY CANNOLI! IT WAS AWESOME!  We were FLYING! These little boats have got some serious speed and were crazy easy to maneuver. So believe me when I say, you do NOT need experience or a boat license to drive one of these speed boats. BUT, trust me when I tell you to plan on getting soaked, so definitely leave your phones and cameras in the car and dress appropriately. 

Seriously, though. This was epic! If you're planning a bachelor or bachelorette party in Charleston and you want to have a heart pounding adventure, you have GOT to check out Charleston Speed Boat Adventures. Perfect for groups, large or small!

Our guide took us on a fully narrated tour for 13 miles through the world famous Charleston Harbor. We got a once in a lifetime view of the Battery, USS Yorktown Aircraft Carrier, Arthur Ravenel Jr Bridge, the downtown Charleston skyline, Waterfront Park, South Carolina Aquarium, the cruise ship terminal and all the wildlife that call Charleston Harbor home.

Let her rip, tater chip!

My Life as a Wedding Planner Told in GIFS | Scarlet Plan & Design

I'm gonna tell you what life is like to be a wedding planner, but I'm gonna do it using GIFs only.

Welcome to the highs, the lows, our pet peeves, the good, the bad, the ugly and everything in between in the life of a professional wedding planner. Wedding planners don't always have the sunshine and rainbows job that J Lo gave everyone the impression we did. Sometimes things are downright batshit crazy, other times we're on top of the world. But I'll let the GIFs show you what I'm talking about. Enjoy!

When your dream couple books you for full planning, design AND styling.

When your clients have realistic budget expectations.

When the couple gives you creative freedom to work your magic.

When a couple tries to pay me in "exposure".

When a couple picks the worst possible color palette and you have to somehow make it work.

When the wedding is outdoors in the summer in the deep South.

When they hire a club DJ and he acts like he's spinning at Burning Man.

When a bride sends you her Pinterest board and its full of your designs.

When everyone wants to give their input at the rehearsal. 

When a couple ignores your expert advice and does the dumb shit you told them not to do.

Your face when the dumb shit they done did blows up, like you said it would, and somehow you're expected to magically fix it. 

When you've assembled a #DreamTeam of vendors and you know this wedding is about to slay. Hope you're watching, Martha.

When the preacher just won't stop talking, and talking, and talking, and talking.

When the dance floor is #DEAD asf but a couple drunk bridesmaids stay live all night long.

When the bride says she's got 15+ bridesmaids.

When you turn into Wonder Woman in an emergency and pull off straight up magic. #JustCallMeMarthaMacGyver

What the couple thinks their choreographed dance with the wedding party is gonna look like:

What their dance actually looks like...every. single. time:

My greatest fear every single time they start doing the Hora.

When a new inquiry tries to hide her inner-psycho but you see right through her at the consultation and you're not about that life.

When a really promising couple tells you they hired a friend as the planner because you're just too expensive.

When the florist suggests Mason Jars, shepherd's hooks or burlap.

When the couple tries to cram 6 cake tastings in on one day.

When they booked that one caterer and you know the vendor meal is about to be worse than an episode of Kitchen Nightmares. #youknowwhoyouare

When an inquiry comes in for a BOMB destination wedding but you're already booked that weekend.

When you finally see the reception space fully set up and realize everything is absolutely perfect.

When the bride send you Pinterest pics from a six-figure wedding and wants you to recreate it on a four-figure budget.

What it's like to try to eat dinner during a wedding reception. 

When the kitchen throws your full plate of dinner out when you run out to check on the reception...and there's no more food left.

When a couple tells you half their "vendors" are actually random friends/family members with no experience.

When there's no such thing as a "sick day" because, its Wedding Season.

When the couple picks super inappropriate parent/child dance songs.

When the bride asks you to help her do something unmentionable in the bathroom because her gown is too big and she can't reach.

When the bride pulls up the day before the wedding with a U-Haul filled with half-done DIY shit she never told you about, but you now NEED to finish.

When someone asks how the wedding went last night.

When the DJ plays Shout for you during breakdown and the #ScarletSquad already know what it is. (shout out to David, Nick, Joel & Mike, y'all the real MVPs)

How we feel the day after a wedding. #WeddingHangover

When you see your favorite couple for the first time after the wedding is over. 

But let's keep it real, all we wedding planners ever really want is to be like Martha.